The internet and social media have allowed a new wave of anglers to step up into the spotlight and shine. People from all walks of life now have the ability to share their knowledge and passion with the world and they are steadily influencing more and more. One of those growing groups influencing the fishing world is women. I’m watching a surge in women starting fishing careers, from blogs, YouTube channels, Instagram, and PodCasts. They are a growing population of anglers that will inspire the future and ensure the future of fishing.

I had the pleasure to meet one impressive woman angler this year at the Bassmaster Classic, Angie Scott of The Woman Angler & Adventurer. There are so many strong personalities in the fishing world and being new myself, it was pleasant to meet someone that was so kind. I didn’t know it, but that morning I made a new friend in a similar position as myself. It’s now great to have someone in the same shoes as myself and have the ability to bounce ideas off of and provide a perspective that I may not have. Angie truly represents the embodiment of women in the fishing world and she is leading the charge of building women in the industry.

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Angie start full-time in her fishing career and adventures. The growth she has helped develop in such a short time is remarkable. Blessed with the opportunity to represent Qwest Pontoons this year, she took full advantage of the opportunity to demonstrate what women bring to the table in the fishing industry well. You also have to check out the Qwest Pontoons for yourself!

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Angie and her cohort Capt. Barb Carey run a great podcast and provide a great environment in a Facebook Group that supports women anglers at all levels. If you haven’t already, the podcast is a must to listen to and I think you will hands down, find them informative, supporting, and motivational. Angie definitely has a knack for the podcast world and her voice provides a great atmosphere for all.

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Join “The Woman Angler” Facebook group here and see just how many women share the passion for fishing!

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I’m not a betting person, but I’m confident to say the women anglers are the future of the sport for many reasons. They will easily provide new insight into the fishing business world. They will lead the next generation of anglers from kids, partners, husbands, and friends. Women will undoubtedly be the future of fishing from tournaments, content, and business. I look forward to seeing you all grow and the success that follows.

Semper Fish!

Joe, The National Angler