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What is "META BAMA"?

In 2021, the pro-staff of EVERGREEN unveiled META BAMA. “META BAMA” stands for METAL-vibration (Blade bait in Japan) + Alabama-rig. It is a blade bait that uses LAST ACE 80F and possesses excellent swimming action. A bait ball rig that does not require dedicated tackle. This is “Meta Bama”!

I realize that this might not be new to you. However, the name is new to me and that is the reason I wanted to share this. I would love to know if you have used this in the past and had success. Let’s here from you below and what you think!

Check out the awesome video from Evergreen International at the bottom of the page!

How to rig META BAMA

To create a META BAMA, insert each hook of blade bait into a dent of LAST ACE 80F and exit hook from the bait’s head. That’s it!

Try different combination

The inventor recommends people use META BAMA as a combination. However, he also suggests using different blades and soft-plastic baits, which might be better than those in his variety. 

So many different combinations could make up an excellent META BAMA rig. Choice in various styles and sizes of blade baits, to an enormous selection of soft plastics and different hook combinations. While blade baits would make the most ideal starting point, don’t overlook possibilities of using a lipless crankbait, to include some of those that suspend as this could help with the rate of fall and keep your set-up in the strike zone longer. Here are a couple of options for suspending style lipless that you might consider. The 6th Sense Quake Suspending Lipless Crankbait, Bill Lewis Floating Rat-L-Trap, and the Ima Suspending Vibration Lipless Crankbait.


When selecting the suitable soft plastic, that is totally up to you. Choosing soft plastic jerk baits and drop shot baits to make your search easier should prove most valuable. Remember the size of your hooks when selecting baits and consider the movement they will make and how hard or easy it makes hooking and keeping a fish on the hooks. 


Hooks are my last consideration as some baits just don’t have the right or quality level of hooks. There are so many options available to choose from, but there are options to give more flash, add on a 4 bard Quatro hook, and go with a frog-style hook with two barbs for a more weedless Snagless approach. 

Jackall Keeburn Blade Bait
Damiki Vault Blade Baits
Megabass Vibration X Dyna Response Blade Bait
Molix Trago Vib Blade Bait
Silver Buddy Blade Bait
Zoom Tiny Fluke 20pk
Fish Arrow Flash J Split Tail Shad
Berkley Powerbait Maxscent Flatnose Jerk Shad 10pk
Duo Realis V-Tailshad
Jackall iShad
Mustad KVD 1x Strong 2x Short Triple Grip Treble Hook
Mustad KVD Elite 1x Strong Triple Grip Treble Hook
Decoy Quattro X-S21 Hook
Decoy Blade Treble Hook Y-F33BT 2pk
Decoy V-F52 Double Hook


Now if you are into big swimbaits or big baits in general then maybe give this combination a try. This setup is sure to grab the attention of your local lunkers. A 5.5in Silver Buddy and Zoom Super Flukes with some upgrades treble hooks should get the job done!

Silver Buddy Big Gamefish Series Blade Bait
Zoom Salty Super Fluke
Owner Stinger STX-58 Treble Hooks


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[SAN FRANCISCO, FEB, 2021] — Traveling farther and covering more water in one day just got easier for kayak anglers. Introducing the NK-180S electric motor by Newport Vessels. This new kayak motor launched today after two years of development with engineers and passionate anglers.

The innovative prop design delivers smooth, powerful acceleration with a 24-volt brushless motor and top speeds at more than 5 knots on most kayaks. The motor increases kayak anglers’ effective range and bolts to a 4-bolt Power-Pole style stern mount.

The lightweight NK-180S features integrated steering with a variable speed throttle controller. Steering cables can be set up to turn the motor like a rudder using the kayak’s OEM mounted foot-pedal systems. Or, a pin can lock the motor in a fix-position for use on many styles of fishing kayaks, paddleboards, and inflatables.

“Our goal is to make getting out on the water more accessible for everyone,” Josh Loseke, brand manager for Newport Vessels, said. “Upgrading your fishing kayak shouldn’t come at the cost of a house payment, so we worked for more than two years to develop an affordable motor unlike comparable products already on the market, while also delivering industry-leading performance. Our latest kayak motor gives anglers the ability to travel farther and the mobility needed to  catch more fish in a day.”

The NK-180S features the latest brushless DC motor technology and is optimized to deliver high efficiency in a compact package. The propulsive power of the NK-180S is roughly equivalent to a 1.8hp petrol outboard motor, but with silent and emission-free power delivery. The motor package can be easily installed on most fishing kayaks and set up to accommodate rudder steering or a fixed position for use with a paddle. It is also significantly lighter than a conventional trolling motor, making it the perfect upgrade for your fishing kayak. It offers a quiet and affordable solution to upgrade your kayaking fishing experience forever. Take it to the next level with a new NK-180S, available at Power up, enjoy the adventure and make your time on the water the best it can be.


At Newport Vessels, we realize that not everyone can pay the price of a used economy car to outfit their fishing kayak. That is why the NK-180S kayak motor was designed to bring a high quality brushless motor to the kayak fishing world at an affordable price. The NK-180 is capable of delivering excellent performance with several different battery options, intended to fit any budget.

First it can use an inexpensive 24V lead acid deep cycle battery system, a lithium 24V deep cycle battery, or a higher voltage 25.9V Lithium battery which will be available from Newport Vessels around summer 2021. 

Cost: $799


Static Input Power – 600W/25A

Battery Type – Deep cycle marine battery – 24V

Optional Battery Type – 25.9V lithium battery

Steering – Cable steering or fixed

Propeller Speed – 1800 RPM

Max Overall Efficiency – 48%

Stow/Deploy Method – Cable lift

Trim Angles – 0*, 9*, 18*, 27*

Propeller Diameter – 5.9 Inches

Control Method – Digital controller

Mount Attachment – Four-bolt mount


Founded in 2008, Newport Vessels is a California-based direct-to-consumer provider of high-quality inflatable boats and marine products at the most affordable prices. Newport Vessels sells inflatable boats, trolling motors, and boat accessories. Newport Vessels has developed a continuous process improvement policy to guarantee production of world-class products and customer experiences.


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The Most Advanced Fishing Scale, Ruler, and App – Spend More Time Fishing

The Most Advanced Fishing Scale, Ruler, and App – Spend More Time Fishing

We have all seen some really cool tools come to the fishing market. Some of those are hits and others are duds. Some of these just come up short in the features and some don’t perform. I had a new scale I was so excited about a few years ago. Took it out for the first time and “dead.” I had just put brand new and batteries had already died. It was missing some features and was clumsy to use. There is nothing worse than trying to hang a plastic clip on a metal hook. Now we finally have a tool that will weigh, measure, and record your catch with one device. The new HALASZ scale is a must for every angler!

One thing that really struck me on this tool is the technology. The ability to measure and weigh a fish, record it, and automatically update the app is amazing. When you pull the ruler out, it automatically knows how far the ruler has come out of the device to measure your catch. You can also lay the HALASZ fish key tag next to the fish and snap a picture. The app already know how long the key tag is, and can measure your catch in the picture automatically!!! This to me is an amazing feature. 

This article is an just an introduction to one of my newest tools and looking forward to using this more often. Up front this scale was provided to me from HALASZ fishing to provide you a review. I full review is coming in the near future, as I’m having a problem with dinks lately. I’m really excited about what the HALASZ team has put together, and let me share with you what I’m most excited about. Also, the kickstarter program is still going, and please go take a look at what they are offering. The kickstarter is a great opportunity to get your hands on this great tool


Boca Style Hand Grip

No more fumbling around with a hook or an extra attachment trying to weigh your fish.

Social App

After chatching a fish to meausre the weight and the length at the same time. Also share with all your freinds.

Integrated Ruler/Integrated Picture Ruler

Now you have two options of measuring the length of your catch. Plus it does it automatically!!

USB Charging

No more batteries and be confident this will be ready when you hit the water.


Endorsed by Scott Martin


Scott Martin, BASSASTER Elite Series Angler


If you are still not convinced, check out these YouTube reviews!


Semper Fish!

Joe, The National Angler

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ICAST 2020 SPOTLIGHT – Okuma ITX Carbon Spinning Reel

ICAST 2020 SPOTLIGHT – Okuma ITX Carbon Spinning Reel

NEW Okuma ITX Carbon Spinning Reels bring punch to the freshwater and light inshore market.

ONTARIO, Calif.: Okuma has become known as a leader in the spinning reel market around the globe. This year, Okuma introduces the new ITX Carbon Spinning Reels to their lineup of smooth running, powerful spinning reels. The ITX Carbon Spinning Reels are a light weight, compact bodied spinning reel constructed of rigid C-40X long strand carbon fiber. This C-40X process is 25% stronger than standard graphite reels and is featured in the body, side plates and rotor of the ITX making it perfect for your freshwater and light inshore needs. “These compact reels are built tough,” states John Bretza, Product Development Manager. “We developed the ITX as a compact bodied reel, built for the tough conditions of both fresh and light saltwater use making it perfect for everything from bass to snook, redfish and specks.” The ITX features a multi-disc, carbon fiber drag system with Okuma’s Hydro Block Gasket, keeping water out and your drag running smooth. The 7HPG +1RB High Performance, grease packed bearings keep the reel running smoothly along with the precision machine cut brass pinion gear. And the Quick-Set anti reverse roller bearing stops the reel on a dime. ITX reels are designed with Okuma’s CFR, Cyclonic Flow Rotor technology which sweeps water away from the two-toned
anodized machined aluminum spool. The 1,000, 2,500, 3,000 and 4,000 size reels all come standard with 6.0:1 high speed gearing. One of the key features to the new ITX Carbon reels is the machined aluminum, screw in handle design keeping your handle running tight with no more loosening screws.
ITX Carbon Spinning Reels have a retail price of $104.99 to $119.99 and are backed by a 1-year limited warranty. For
more information, please visit

Okuma ITX Spinning Reel will soon be available

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ICAST 2020 BEST FRESHWATER HARD LURE – Z-Man® / EverGreen International set to unleash new ChatterBait® JackHammer™ StealthBlade™ bladed jig

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LADSON, SC – (June 16, 2020) – In a wink, it flashes and disappears underwater. Suggestive of a preyfish tail-kick, the luminous blade hums a subtle but palpable harmony; seems to be singing directly to the bass. As the thin-edged razor cuts water with the speed and precision of a Santoku, it vanishes and reappears in rapid succession. Inside the brains of bass, alarms bells toll. Although they can’t see it at first, predators in the neighborhood can feel its pulse—a sweet tune that pings lateral lines and incites mandibles to snap. A valuable combination of refined energy, unpredictable action and visual stealth, the new Z-Man JackHammer StealthBlade is about to add an exciting new chapter to the book of the bladed jig.

“The StealthBlade is the antidote for bass that have seen endless parades of traditional bladed jigs,” divulges Brett Hite, pro angler and designer of the eminent Z-Man ChatterBait JackHammer and its radical new finesse offspring, the JackHammer StealthBlade. “Throw it in clear water. Skip it under heavily-fished docks and laydowns. Cast it for big smallmouths. Pitch it anywhere you want, and present bass with a totally different sound and cadence than other bladed jigs. We’re super pumped about the way this bait turned out; another fish catching collaboration by Z-Man and leading Japanese lure maker, EverGreen International.” Back In 2017, no one could have anticipated the lure that would ultimately turn the pursuit of bass on its head, a bait that would go on to produce more giant fish and more tournament dollars than any other in recent memory. The Z-Man ChatterBait JackHammer created a singular subset of pro-grade bladed bass jigs—a lure anglers now bring to almost any lake with the assurance of big fish and mega limits in the

“Two years ago, recognizing the rapid ascension of the JackHammer, we were already working on the next lure in the ChatterBait evolution, what we’d eventually dub the StealthBlade,” notes Hite, who has won over a million dollars on bladed jigs. “The first JackHammer created a phenomenon within the bladed jig arena. The success of that lure, in effect, opened a niche for a refined, finesse version smartly
engineered with equally high-end raw materials and components as the original.” On the heels of a new tournament season, Hite notes that the new JackHammer StealthBlade will fit perfectly on West Coast bass waters, clear water reservoirs and lakes ruled by smallmouths—in addition
to highly pressured southern largemouth fisheries. “Few weeks ago, I caught multiple 5-pound smallmouths with the StealthBlade at Lake Mohave, Arizona,” he recalls. “But the ‘Blade’s also been producing big bass in stained water. Actually, I’m really fired up to throw it in Florida lakes where a ton of people use the original JackHammer.”

The driving force behind the patented new ChatterBait design, a clear polycarbonate blade produces a totally different sound and vibration, but like its predecessor, starts thumping intensely with the first half-turn of the reel handle. “I’d say the vibe of the StealthBlade feels a little tighter, hunts with a slightly higher frequency vibration,” asserts Hite. He notes that the clear blade is physically smaller and thicker than that of the JackHammer. It’s beveled on all edges, tapers down to a razor-thin tip and flaunts that trademarked ChatterBlade® shape. “The special, covert blade gives the jig’s head a sweet wobbling action,” he says, “which also activates the different trailers you put on the hook.”

“The JackHammer StealthBlade does not replace the original JackHammer,” notes Seiya Muro, Senior Manager of Business at EverGreen International. “We crafted the StealthBlade as a finesse ChatterBait with a subtler underwater impact. The two baits are meant to be fished in rotation, with the JackHammer StealthBlade squeezing out extra bites with its quieter, covert footprint.” “Working with Brett Hite and EverGreen, our main goal has been to give anglers as many bladed jig options as possible,” say Z-Man President Daniel Nussbaum. “Partnering with the sharpest bladed jig fishermen on the planet and a cutting-edge Japanese company like EverGreen has reinforced our ability
to put innovative bladed jigs in anglers’ hands. From a product development and manufacturing standpoint, EverGreen brings to the table precise attention to detail and the highest quality possible.” “What’s really cool about the StealthBlade,” adds Hite, “is the bait’s propensity to hunt and juke
randomly, side-to-side, way better than other bladed jigs. You don’t need to jerk the rodtip to activate it. Just quickly speed up the retrieve to make the bait initiate its natural hunting action. That unusual move triggers a ton of extra bites.” Adding further value, Hite calls out the blade’s specialized oval split-ring, which adds more stealth, less surface area and no protrusions to catch vegetation or other snags. Again, stealth rules.

StealthBlade accoutrements include a clear, beveled-edge blade, custom fluorine-nanocoated Decoy hook and select silicone skirts hand-tied with stainless steel wire. Armed with a light, custom Decoy® fluorine-coated hook, the JackHammer StealthBlade can be cast on slightly lighter line and penetrate the jaws of bass with less hook-setting effort. “The fluorine nanocoating let us build the bait with a thinner wire-gauge hook that’s just as strong as the heavier hook on the original JackHammer. The gap on the StealthBlade hook is the same, but the shank is about a quarter-inch shorter for a slightly more compact presentation. The wide gap means I can still use my  same favorite jig trailers, but in a subtler, ‘finessy’ package. The bait won’t overpower the trailer or vice versa.” To preserve the StealthBlade’s high-level, ultra-durable JackHammer heritage and performance, silicone skirts are hand-tied with stainless steel wire. Dual wire trailer keepers pin soft plastic trailers in place for the long haul. The StealthBlade’s low center of gravity, fish-shaped head tracks true and skips easily. When the situation suggests a bladed jig, but instinct advises finesse, the ChatterBait JackHammer StealthBlade becomes the smartest play of the day. Released to the angling public via retailers nationwide in early August, the Z-Man ChatterBait JackHammer StealthBlade (MSRP $15.99) will encompass 3/8- and ½-ounce sizes in six pro-crafted color
patterns. For more information, visit

Check out the video from Z-Man!

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Spearpoint Performance Hooks to Debut at ICAST 2020

Spearpoint Performance Hooks to Debut at ICAST 2020

Visalia, Calif. – June 15, 2020– Spearpoint Hooks, a Visalia, Calif. Based manufacturer, will present two new patent pending fishing hook offerings to the marketplace at Virtual ICAST 2020 in July.  The goal of the company is to provide hooks that help anglers capitalize on more of the bites they receive in a day’s fishing.

The result is the problem of lost fish being solved.

Founded by fishing partners Art Nubaryan and Erik Hennesay, the genesis of the company came from one of the most frustrating experiences in an angler’s life – lost fish.  “We were fishing a bass tournament together three years ago and lost two fish within sight of the boat that would have won the event for us,” said Nubaryan.  “We started talking about it and figured we could come up with something that fixed the problem; Spearpoint Performance Hooks was born.”


The pair went to work, forming a partnership, coming up with an initial design and locating manufacturing partners. After three phases of design, and two sample runs, the first two shapes in the Spearpoint Performance Hooks lineup are ready to be unleashed upon fish everywhere. 


The initial offerings, The Wide Gap and GP Finesse hooks are designed to impart maximum torque and fish holding power. Both shapes feature Spearpoint’s pat. pend VGrip™ technology that helps keep fish securely fastened once the hook is set.  As a result, Hennesay said that the VGrip™ works overtime for the angler.  “I will tell you this, always have pliers with you; they are hard to get out by hand,” he said.  “There are many times that the hook penetrates the fish’s mouth and turns and penetrates a second time.  We call it a ‘stapling effect,’ because it looks like the fish’s mouth has been stapled from the outside, they really hook and hold.”

Our Gp Finesse hook is a bait Holding machine. Unmatched landing ratios paired with improved bait function.. really... how could you not call us the Hottest New Hook on the Market?!
Our GP Finesse Hook is the definition of Performance. Performance Function Performance Fishing Holding Power Performance Design Spearpoint Performance Hooks

While there are more styles that will launch soon after the initial introduction, Spearpoint will launch their Wide Gap and GP Finesse versions, both in black nickel finishes, at ICAST. 

The Wide Gap model features a line tie positioned in line with the hook’s needle point to produce maximum power as the point meets the fish’s mouth at hookset.  Along with VGrip™ in the bend of the hook, the Spearpoint Wide Gap features a baitholder barb near the eye of the hook to help keep soft baits in place during presentations. The Wide Gap version will be available in sizes 2/0 to 5/0, will come six to a pack and will retail for $5.39.

The GP Finesse hook is uniquely designed to be the most effective finesse hook on the market.  Engineered to put the eye of the hook in line with the VGrip™ for maximum torque. The GP Finesse hook helps perfectly present finesse soft plastics in Wacky Rig, Drop Shot or Neko Rig presentations, and the premium needle point will deliver the goods every time.  The GP Finesse hook will be available in sizes 3 through 2/0, will also come in packs of six, and will retail for $5.19

For more information about Spearpoint Hooks, visit them on their website at and for dealer inquiries, contact Art Nubaryan at, and for Media inquiries, Erik Hennesay at

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ICAST Announces 30 New Product Showcase Best of Category Winners for 2020


Alexandria, VA – July 15, 2020 – Tonight, the ICAST 2020 Online New Product Showcase Best of Category award winners were announced during the first-ever, virtual sportfishing industry trade show. One of those 30 category winners will be awarded the coveted Best of Show trophy to be announced Friday morning, July 17, at 9:00 a.m. at

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic ICAST, the world’s largest recreational fishing trade show, transitioned from an Orlando-based, in-person show to a virtual event with ICAST 2020 Online. The American Sportfishing Association (ASA), the show’s producer, committed to delivering attendees and exhibitors alike an engaging, interactive virtual trade show experience, presented by

“For 63 years, ICAST has been the venue for showcasing recreational fishing related products and we were determined that this year was going to be no different,” said Blake Swango, ASA’s vice president for Trade Show and Membership.

One of the most popular featured events at ICAST, the New Product Showcase, sponsored by Fishing Tackle Retailer/Decode, is a once-a-year opportunity to see the latest and greatest innovations all in one place.

“Despite a change in venue, the New Product Showcase featured the latest innovations in gear, accessories, apparel and other products to ensure anglers will have a great day on the water,” said ASA President Glenn Hughes. “For the first time, retail buyers and media from around the world were able to vote electronically for the Best of Category and Best of Show awards.”

Hughes further said, “Kudos and congratulations to all our member exhibitors who stepped up this year, even during these crazy times, to develop and launch all these incredible new products that reflect the passion our industry has for making a day on the water even more exciting for anglers around the globe.”

For ICAST 2020 Online, ­­­­­­434 new products were entered by more than 180 companies.

“We congratulate tonight’s winners for contributing their ideas and hard work to the innovative spirit that keeps our industry growing,” said Swango. “We’re pleased that ICAST once again serves as a showcase for the best in sportfishing and the entire outdoor, on-the-water experience.”

Swango noted, “I want to thank our ICAST 2020 Online sponsors for their generous support and commitment to the show.”

All New Product Showcase entries and Best of Category winners are available for viewing through the ICAST website and on the ICAST app.

ICAST 2020 Online New Product Showcase Best of Category Award Winners


Best of Category – Boating Accessories – Minn Kota

Product: Raptor Shallow Water Anchor

Best of Category – Boats and Watercraft – Johnson Outdoors Watercraft
Product: Old Town Sportsman Autopilot

Best of Category – Giftware – Garmin
Product: Garmin quatix® 6X Solar

Best of Category – Footwear – Under Armour
Product: UA Micro G Kilchis
Best of Category – Eyewear – Costa Del Mar, Inc.
Product: Ferg

Best of Category – Lifestyle Apparel for Women – Simms Fishing Products
Product: Women’s Challenger Jacket and Bib

Best of Category – Lifestyle Apparel for Men – AFTCO/American Fishing Tackle Company
Product: Saba Recycled Seam-Free Boardshorts

Best of Category – Technical Apparel – Warm Weather – AFTCO/American Fishing Tackle Company
Product: Diffuse Air-0 Mesh® Fishing Shorts

Best of Category – Technical Apparel – Cold Weather – AFTCO/American Fishing Tackle Company
Product: Reaper Windproof 3-Layer Softshell Jacket

Best of Category – Soft and Hard Coolers – YETI
Product: Roadie 24

Best of Category – Electronics – Humminbird
Product: CoastMaster Charts

Best of Category – Cutlery, Hand Pliers or Tools – Line Cutterz as Seen on Shark Tank
Product: Line Cutterz Dual Hybrid Micro Scissor

Best of Category – Fly Fishing Accessory – Plano Synergy
Product: Frabill Floating Trout nets

Best of Category – Fishing Accessory – American Tackle Company
Product: Tsuka Handle System

Best of Category – Kids’ Tackle – Pure Fishing, Inc.
Product: Abu Garcia Gen Ike EZ Cast Baitcast Combo

Best of Category – Terminal Tackle – Rapala

Best of Category – Tackle Management – Plano Synergy
Product: Plano EDGE FLEX

Best of Category – Ice Fishing – Rapala

Best of Category – Fishing Line – Pure Fishing, Inc.
Product: Berkley FluoroShield

Best of Category – Freshwater Soft Lure – A Band of Anglers
Product: Hyperlastics Dartprop Pro SK

Best of Category – Freshwater Hard Lure – Z-Man Fishing Products
Product: ChatterBait® JackHammer™ StealthBlade™

Best of Category – Saltwater Soft Lure – 13 Fishing
Product: The Mullet

Best of Category – Saltwater Hard Lure – Shimano North America Fishing, Inc.
Product: SP-Orca 150 Flash Boost – Blue Sardine Color

Best of Category – Fly Fishing Rod – Pure Fishing, Inc.
Product: Hardy Zane Pro

Best of Category – Freshwater Rod – St. Croix of Park Falls
Product: Legend Xtreme spinning XFS76MF

Best of Category – Saltwater Rod – St. Croix of Park Falls
Product: Mojo Inshore JIC79XHMF

Best of Category – Rod & Reel Combo – Pure Fishing, Inc.
Product: Abu Garcia Virtual Casting Combo

Best of Category – Fly Reel – Pure Fishing, Inc.
Product: Hardy Ultradisc UDLA Reel

Best of Category – Freshwater Reel – Shimano North America Fishing, Inc.
Product: Vanford 2500 Spinning Reel (VF2500HGF)

Best of Category – Saltwater Reel – Pure Fishing, Inc.
Product: PENN Battle III Reels

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FIRST LOOK – Introducing Minn Kota Raptor; Hydraulic Shallow Water Anchors

FIRST LOOK – Introducing Minn Kota Raptor; Hydraulic Shallow Water Anchors

Hydraulic anchoring systems currently on the market have lacked the ability to adapt to changing conditions on the water. Once anchored, waves, currents, tide changes and different bottom compositions can negatively affect the anchors’ ability to hold a boat in place. Raptor is the only shallow water anchor to feature Active Anchoring™ and Auto-Bottom Mode™, which enable these shallow-water anchors to automatically monitor the water and bottom conditions to keep the boat anchored firmly in place no matter what the fishing situation. 

Active Anchoring continuously monitors anchor hold and adjusts automatically to changing conditions while Auto-Bottom Modes senses bottom hardness to ensure the right amount of force is delivered for a more secure hold every time. 

“Developing real fishable features for our consumers has driven every new Minn Kota innovation for nearly nine decades. Today we are bringing that spirit of innovation to our Shallow Water Anchors,” said Minn Kota Brand Manager Brad Henry.

“Raptor was designed to hold more reliably than any other anchor of its kind utilizing patented smart technology to analyze water and bottom conditions keeping you where you want when you want. It is the anchor that relentlessly works to keep you on your spot.” added Henry.​

Beyond those benefits, Minn Kota Raptor also produces twice as much retraction force as anchoring force to ensure spike removal in all bottom conditions, meaning no matter where you choose to deploy your Raptor, it comes back up every time. Features like a wide profile and heavy-duty pivot points help to reduce wear and maintain longer stability. Its unique pump design keeps Raptor holding tightly when stowed, eliminating the need for special covers or bungee cords to keep your anchor secure while running or trailering. An extruded aluminum mounting bracket not only adds strength while reducing weight, but dramatically simplifies installation. Raptor also boasts the lightest on-transom weight of any 10-foot shallow water anchor.

Giving anglers more options for control than ever, Minn Kota Raptor comes equipped with a wireless remote and optional footswitch. As part of the One-Boat Network™, anglers can utilize i-Pilot® Link™ to control the anchor from their Humminbird® unit, the Raptor mobile app or the i-Pilot remote.

Minn Kota’s new Raptor shallow-water anchor will be offered in 8- and 10-foot lengths as well as a variety of options and colors. Raptor models will be available mid-July from authorized Minn Kota retailers starting at $1,499.99 up to 1,899.99. Minn Kota’s shallow water anchors are backed by a comprehensive 5-year warranty plus a lifetime warranty on the spike for years of reliability anglers can count on. For more information on the new Raptor shallow-water anchor, visit



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The long anticipated release of the hottest new chatterbait concept from Japan is finally here! This is the new Teckel Bladewaker!

The Bladewaker has a unique shaped front blade element that allows it to be fished at any speeds at the top of the water column, as a wake bait! Tranditional chatterbaits have struggled at the surface and at high speeds, and the Bladewaker now gives anglers the ability to fish a bladed jig at the surface and in the top column of the water. A stout Gamakatsu flippin hook ensure great hook ups, and a brush weedguard allows anglers to fish the Bladewaker in any type of cover.

Now you will see why this is a “Game Changer”, if you are serious fishermen. This is like no other, and it’s so Teckel. Check out the Bladewaker.

Teckel Bladewaker Rigging

The Teckel Bladewaker can be tied on 2 different ways. It comes in the “REGULAR” position in the package as seen in the top of the image here. I do the snap and simply twist the snap 180 degrees and you have it in the “FRONT” position.

REGULAR POSITION: Wide wobble with a slower speed and adapted for shallow water. This is also the position I have the best luck on the surface. 

FRONT POSITION: Tight wobble with a higher speed and geared toward deeper water

As noted by Teckel the most ideal trailer for the Bladewaker is a Zoom Super Fluke. Check out the rigging video below.

RETRIEVE ADVICE: I received some of the first shipments that hit the U.S. market and had them out on the water the same day. I was utilizing my Shimano SLX DC 150 and absolutely bombing this bait out on the water. The SLX is 8.2:1 gear ratio and I found it was best to keep my rod tip high until the bait broke the surface and then lowered my rod to for the rest of the retrieve. By lowering the rod tip it allowed me to retrieve the bait at a faster speed and control the action. 

Teckel Bladewaker Colors

Right now the Bladewaker comes in 8 colors; Black Blue, Bluegill, Citrus Shad, Green Pumpkin, June Bug, Pearl White, Silver Shiner, and Sprayed Grass.

Soooo, what is the difference between the Bladewaker and a bladed jig...A LOT!

Available at Tackle Warehouse, but not for long!!!

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Some of you are going to love me for getting information about this company out to you. There is also going to be a group of anglers pissed at me for sharing this as well. This company is a well-known West Coast staple in the bass fishing world. Those in the know, throughout the rest of the country, try to keep this as a guarded secret.

I just recently discovered Fishin Magician Tackle Company (FMTC) on Tackle Warehouse and was immediately intrigued by the designs of the jigs and attachments. This was truly one of those innovative companies that I like to buy from. I also thought I had found a really new company. Wrong, FMTC has been a well-guarded secret since 1995. When you look closely at their tackle you will see everything is custom designed and made.

Let’s talk about the being made part; designed, developed and family made in the USA. This is a 100% family run business, and in my mind, this is truly what it’s about. These are also the exact companies that should be fully supported!!!


The first thing you should notice is the custom Voodoo Head jig offered by FMTC. This is a swim style jig with and open eye. That open eye is the critical piece to having a multi-faceted fishing tool. The jig ranges from 3/8 to 1 oz. and they have 4 total Voodoo attachments. 2 styles of blades, spinnerbait, and buzzbait attachments. So, with that weight range and 5 options for fishing, you have the swiss army knife of the fishing world. It’s really important to not confuse the action and design of this jig with any other bladed jig. The eyelet on this jig and it’s attachments puts this lure in its own category of lures.

Voodoo Jig & Voodoo Attachments
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Now, the flippin style jigs are also custom designed and feature Gamakatsu hooks, custom shaped head with a skirt collar. The Monster Crasher, Infiltrator, and Wedding Crasher all have a unique connection point that allows the hook to swing freely and create more action in all your baits. FMTC also offers several other custom jigs to include football and underspin style swim jigs.

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FMTC plastics are all custom designed and made, and you will not find anything else like them. The craws feature 3 distinct designs, Crasher Craw, Crasher Craw Wide Load, and Turbo Craw along with the Wraith which looks to be a versatile powerhouse. Sizes and colors to fill the appetite of anglers and fish alike. These baits are going to be a must have to match up with the jigs produced by FMTC.

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A-Rig –

I may not be a A-Rig user, do to living in Maryland. I see day in and day out, these things produce and are one of the most popular lures that catch fish and shared on social media. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself on the FMTC Instagram page below. The A-rigs have a great look and again all custom designed and made.

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My FMTC lures will be part of my daily arsenal and I suggest the same for you!! The anglers who guarded this secret for so long…well sorry, word is now out and you should probably stock up before everything is gone. Be sure to head over to Tackle Warehouse to get your hands on FMTC today!

FMTC lures sell out fast, don't hesitate and get them NOW!!!