The long anticipated release of the hottest new chatterbait concept from Japan is finally here! This is the new Teckel Bladewaker!

The Bladewaker has a unique shaped front blade element that allows it to be fished at any speeds at the top of the water column, as a wake bait! Tranditional chatterbaits have struggled at the surface and at high speeds, and the Bladewaker now gives anglers the ability to fish a bladed jig at the surface and in the top column of the water. A stout Gamakatsu flippin hook ensure great hook ups, and a brush weedguard allows anglers to fish the Bladewaker in any type of cover.

Now you will see why this is a “Game Changer”, if you are serious fishermen. This is like no other, and it’s so Teckel. Check out the Bladewaker.

Teckel Bladewaker Rigging

The Teckel Bladewaker can be tied on 2 different ways. It comes in the “REGULAR” position in the package as seen in the top of the image here. I do the snap and simply twist the snap 180 degrees and you have it in the “FRONT” position.

REGULAR POSITION: Wide wobble with a slower speed and adapted for shallow water. This is also the position I have the best luck on the surface. 

FRONT POSITION: Tight wobble with a higher speed and geared toward deeper water

As noted by Teckel the most ideal trailer for the Bladewaker is a Zoom Super Fluke. Check out the rigging video below.

RETRIEVE ADVICE: I received some of the first shipments that hit the U.S. market and had them out on the water the same day. I was utilizing my Shimano SLX DC 150 and absolutely bombing this bait out on the water. The SLX is 8.2:1 gear ratio and I found it was best to keep my rod tip high until the bait broke the surface and then lowered my rod to for the rest of the retrieve. By lowering the rod tip it allowed me to retrieve the bait at a faster speed and control the action. 

Teckel Bladewaker Colors

Right now the Bladewaker comes in 8 colors; Black Blue, Bluegill, Citrus Shad, Green Pumpkin, June Bug, Pearl White, Silver Shiner, and Sprayed Grass.

Soooo, what is the difference between the Bladewaker and a bladed jig...A LOT!

Available at Tackle Warehouse, but not for long!!!