Lure Retrievers, they work!

Lure retrievers are a necessity that every angler needs. On the boat or the bank, from cheap to expensive lures, this is a must have. If you have one, use it! Lure retrievers can be a pain to use, but will save your gear in damage and complete loss.

I look back at fishing since I was a kid and think about all the lures I could have saved from being lost to snags on the bottom, or how many hooks could have not been bent from me pulling hard. I remember fishing as a kid on my boat. The lake was crystal clear and I lost one of my favorite lures on a log. The lure was in 15 plus feet of water and there was nothing I could do to get it back. Snap! My line broke and the lure will be part of that log for a long time.

It wasn’t till I recently got into throwing big swimbaits that I realized that I needed a lure retriever. When I started buying some of the more expensive lures, I was really hesitant on using them for the fear of losing one or snagging. I watch several people talk about lure retrievers on Facebook groups. I knew I needed one. I just wished I would have remember when I snagged one of my custom swimbaits.

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I want to hear your story, tell me when you should have used one or the big bait you lost! Or, are you still on the fence about getting one? Actually, show everyone your favorite store bought or custom made lure retrievers below or on my Facebook group “SWIMBAIT MAYHEM” 

Semper Fish!

Joe, The National Anglerlure retriever in action