Wal-Mart EverStart MAXX Battery Review

Wal-Mart EverStart MAXX Battery Review

Wal-Mart EverStart Batteries are a great economical option for anglers at all levels and using all types of boats.

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I’ve always been looking for the best deal on batteries for my boats and I’ve actually been faithful to one battery since my first one. Wal-Mart deep cycle batteries are always affordable, available with great warranties. We all know how easy it is to return something to Wal-Mart so that always helps.

These three particular batteries were bought back in the summer of 2013 and used heavily. I fish trolling motor only lakes predominantly and thus the need for three. I can burn through all three with two trolling motors in about 8 hours of fishing on these lakes.

At the time of this review, I’ve had these batteries almost 4 years and used them heavily. Here is the part I’m not proud of, but glad you can see the quality of these batteries due to my abuse. Now, I could get even more time out of them had I followed proper guide lines for maintenance. But…..things happen.

I left these batteries in the back of my truck during cold and scorching days, and they repeatedly were tossed and bumped around for weeks at a time. Let’s just say, these batteries took a beating. I drained these batteries beyond use on so many occasions I could never keep track of. I consistently brought them home and never charged them until days or the day before a fishing trip.

I did absolutely everything you are not supposed to do to a battery and these batteries have lasted over four years and should go to year five.

If you are in the market for a reasonably priced battery that will last, the Wal-Mart EverStart deep cycle batteries are a great choice. If they can take the abuse I subjected them to and on trolling motor only lakes they will work on any boat.

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Semper Fish!

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