Northern Snakehead Potomac River Fishing Locations

Northern Snakehead Potomac River Fishing Locations     


The Potomac River was the hardest hit by the Northern Snakehead after they were first discovered in Maryland. They have taken a foothold within the ecosystem and they are not going anywhere. However, there is one thing that makes the Potomac different than Blackwater and its water clarity. The waters will run gin clear most of the year on the Potomac in the snaky areas. So what? So what…the water clarity allows the bow hunters to be very successful with taking of the Northern Snakehead and some people will contribute their success to helping keep the snakeheads in check.

Northern Snakehead Potomac River Fishing Locations: As far as locations go, they are pretty much everywhere. However, after reviewing public data on catches of Northern Snakeheads the Virginia side of the Potomac seems to have higher concentrations. I think the reason is also for the abundance of aquatic vegetation which creates cover. I will give you the best spots for catching Northern Snakehead from a boat, kayak, and shore.

B = Boat, K = Kayak, and S = Shore

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Northern Snakehead Potomac River Locations: Maryland/Virginia

  • Wicomico River B,K,S
  • Mattawomen Creek B,K,S
  • Anacostia River (Bladensburg) S
  • Tidal Basin: B,K,S
  • Roaches Run: K,S
  • Four Mile Run: B,K,S
  • Cameron Run: K,S           
  • Ft Belvoir: B,K,S
  • Neabscoo Creek: B,K
  • Chopawamsic Creek: B,K
  • Aquia Creek: B,K

I hope this helps in your search for the Northern Snakehead, and if you have luck please share with us your success and let us know if you have any new locations.

Semper Fish!

Joe, The National Angler