Swimbait Mayhem


A Swimbait Spinning Rod is probably the least sought-after rod in a big swimbaiters arsenal. A swimbait spinning rod is for those who are just getting started or may not know how to use a bait casting reel. When it comes to rods geared towards throwing big swimbaits, you have swimbait specific rods, mushy rods, and heavy saltwater rods. However, most of these are geared around casting rods, and not spinning rods.

The spinning rods that are offered are not generally offered in the heavy models that will handle monster baits. They are offered up to 4-5 oz. rods. The rod that I’m using is actually a surf rod form Tsunami, and it’s a great fit for smaller swimbaits. Cabela’s offers a spinning rod geared for musky and again it’s not rated past 4 oz. I do own two casting models of the Cabela’s Predator Musky rods and they are my favorite rods for big baits. So, I’m confident that the spinning models will work for anyone that wants to target fish with big baits. The saltwater rods, tend to be surf rods. If you want a super heavy surf rod for swimbaits, it’s going to be a 9-10ft plus.

If you are just getting started with big baits or not comfortable with baitcasting reels the above-mentioned spinning rods will work for throwing big swimbaits. Plus, should you decide that throwing big swimbaits is not for these rods will work for many more types of fishing. Your money will not be wasted on buying these rods. If you have any questions, I’m always here to help.

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