Deeper Fish Finder Review

UPDATE May 3rd, 2016

Thanks to some good help I have realized that I’ve left out good info and stuck to too much of the basics just like the details on the Amazon site. While I’ve used it I’m still experimenting with the fishfinder. So with that, I will say the following. My only complaint is the noise. My first time out I pulled up to a bridge where some guys were catching catfish. I cast it out and the cats stopped biting. About 15min went by and they began again. The guy said something to me “hey since you showed up, they stopped biting…” They started catching again, so I asked if I could experiment. Well, the noise definitely had an impact on fish in shallow water.

Also a big shoutout to my new friends at the Facebook Group “Texas Crappie Fishing” 

Semper Fish 

This fishing review covers the Deeper portable fish finder geared specifically towards shore anglers. A majority of the cast-able fish finders are sold on Amazon, and the Deeper with the highest cost also came in with the highest reviews and most capabilities. The Deeper can be used on a fishing pole, through a hole in the ice, mounted to a small boat or kayak.  It operates on a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone which saves on battery time. You can also charge it with a micro-USB adapter, which happens to be the same charger for my smartphone. Overall this fish finder has some great options and I look forward to getting to use it. I will be doing more reviews covering specific functions of the Deeper. 

If you are on the hunt for a fish finder like this, I highly recommend the Deeper and you can purchase it on Amazon. Click on the image below and check out the reviews to see the almost 5 stars. 


PROS:  Multiple uses from shore, ice, and small crafts. Bluetooth saves battery life of device and phone. Convenient charging. Mapping feature which is usually found on very expensive fish finders. Excellent phone app.

CONS: Sonar is loud (pings). Large splash when hitting the water. Bluetooth distance ( I can outcast this easily), Poor shallow water performance.

Watch how the Deeper casts below!

Surfing the internet for fishing info usually runs you into some very interesting things. One evening I ran across a YouTube video of a guy using a Deeper fish finder. Intrigued I continued to find related information on the device. I found some very generic information, but not the in-depth reviews. I went on the Deeper website to find it was sold on Amazon. Yes, Amazon is one of the first places that I go to for reviews of anything fishing related that I might want to buy.  I quickly discovered that along with the Deeper fish finder, a multitude of other brands existed for attaching to the end of the line. I quickly reviewed all the different options and discovered the Deeper was the most expensive and had the best reviews.

The Deeper is a fish finder that attaches to the end of your line and can be cast out onto the water and slowly retrieved to view depths and potential location of the structure, bait and hopefully fish! It can also be used for ice fishing with its flasher mode and with the optional mounting arm, attached to a small boat or kayak.

Top 3 uses for this phone are for finding fish, finding structure (depths, weeds, etc.), and water temp. These are a few thing only available to boaters and now you can have all this from the bank.

Deeper works with both Android and Apple devices and uses Bluetooth to transmit the images back to the smart device.  The range of the Bluetooth is advertised at 150 feet, but I can easily outcast this.

Charging is done via USB and I’ve charged mine with my computer and both home and car charger for my smartphone. The battery is said to have a battery life of 4 hours. I haven’t personally tested this yet.  It also recommends recharging every 2 months. This was a problem for me after a few weeks. I will check the rate before every fishing adventure.

The sonar operates on a dual be at 290 kHz which is a narrow 15 Degree and 90 kHz at 55 Degree angle. This gives multiple options to scan for fish and structure.  Depth is advertised from 1.5 feet to 130feet, not much of worry for me since I have never fished that deep, yet… I’ve had issues with performance at depths less than 3 feet and the device doesn’t’ work perfectly.

The application that is downloaded is very user-friendly, which includes a great color display. The display has a regular view, flasher, split screen and my favorite a mapping option. The ability to put this device in boat mode and track the bottom contour is great. I’m looking forward to using it more and providing a review for it as well. The weather and social functions are also great.

Accessories included in the package with the sonar are; attachment bolts, USB wore, neoprene carrying pouch and manual. Optionally you can buy a flexible are to mount this sonar to your boat or kayak and multiple colored covers for night fishing. The color caps allow the blinking light to show and help keep track of your sonar unit.  The attachment bolts go in three separate areas and are for different uses, boat, casting, and ice.

One accessory I purchased separately was a cell phone holder for a bicycle. This attaches perfectly to the handle on any fishing rod and securely holds a smartphone. I got the one pictured below of eBay for about $6 including shipping.



Deeper Fish Finder Mount














Technical specification

Size: 2.55 in / 6.5 cm

Weight: 3.5 oz / 100 g

Connection: Bluetooth

Range: Up to 140-160 ft / 50 m

Depth: 130 ft / 40 m

Temperature: -4F to 104F

Battery: Li-Poly. 6H

Sonar: Dual beam

Frequency: 290 & 90 kHz

Cone angle: 15° & 55°




If you have any questions for future reviews, let me know!

Semper Fish!

Joe, The National Angler