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This post is not sponsored or solicited by Sixgill. The National Angler has no affliation with Sixgill Fishing.

Most companies in the fishing industry are very big and feeling part of their family is hard, but that is something today’s anglers are wanting. In the past only, the biggest names were part of a pro-staff, today’s company’s like National Pro Staff bring those companies to you. This was my first introduction to working with a company and feeling like you are apart of something. For me personally, that has passed and the whole pro-staff thing just isn’t for me. However, I still wanted to feel like I was a part of something and provide input on the gear I want.

I recently found that company in Sixgill Fishing and they are growing extremely fast and offer an opportunity that not one other company in the industry offers. Sixgill really has figured it out, they offer that experience that I was looking for and they provide value and that is #1 for me. One other thing that makes Sixgill different is the marketing strategy. Sixgill is direct to consumer and that means they cut out the middlemen and sell from Sixgill to the consumer. There is a bad part for this strategy, you can only buy Sixgill products from them. You will not find these products in stores and therefore you won’t be able to try them out. The up side to the strategy, you get great prices and steep discounts on great gear.

So, what really makes Sixgill great, simple its the value they provide. Go on Facebook and join the Sixgill Fishing page and see for yourself. I will provide the link at the bottom of this article. In this group, you will find the value. First, you get direct access to the President of Sixgill Mr. Justin Geisel and he is not shy about his love for Sixgill. How many company Presidents regularly interact with their clients, none! To me, this is a big deal to have him so close to his customers. The customers have a direct impact on all new products and pricing sold by Sixgill. He is constantly asking for input on specs and pricing. Again, you won’t find that anywhere.

Price and quality are the other part of the value that Sixgill brings to the table. Let’s go back to the sales strategy, direct to the customer. This allows Sixgill to steeply discount products and have great sales and incentives. Let me tell you, they run sales that are really hard to passup. You will find BOGO’s, 50% off, 30% off, etc., but the one big sale that got me hooked was the Deposit Program. Products that are just being designed and intended to be released the following year are offered up for early sale to gauge interest. You will get an even steeper discount for your up-front deposit of about 25% and save up to 75% off retail. I recently received a rod from the deposit program that will retail at $389, I paid $45 deposit and $90 at delivery. That is a great program and you won’t find that anywhere else. 

Quality is the next piece to the value you will find with Sixgill. First, I have never really seen the testing that goes into selecting rods and blanks that are being used. Justin will routinely post videos of the factory stress testing the blanks. I have my hands now on several of the rods and reels from Sixgill and let me tell you the quality is superb. It exceeds other companies and really rivals some of the biggest names in the industry. 

Community is the last piece of the value that Sixgill brings to the table. If you want to be part of something this is the company to get involved with. Just the other night one of the employees went live on Facebook. I heard an important term mentioned over and over again. Bart Gore, kept mentioning that Sixgill is a family, and I believe that.  Again, head over to the Sixgill Fishing Facebook group and find out for yourself just how good Sixgill really is, you won’t be disappointed.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Semper Fish!

Joe, The National Angler

Here is the link to the Sixgill Anglers BUY/SELL/TRADE group on Facebook ->


Mr. Carrigan,

All I can say is that your observations about SixGill Fishing ( ) are spot on! I’m a new customer with that (our?) company and they have treated me plus all of us like family or at least well liked next door neighbors.

Yes, I too agree that their gear is terrific and for what they offer in quality I will probably never ever order elsewhere again but with SixGill.

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